Theory – Berkhamsted Piano Lessons

The Theory of music is a subject i love to teach, because when you know the foundations of music , not only is it enlightening in terms of playing but also in understanding other peoples music.

Every subject has a theory behind it, and a structure. When we know this structure we can create and have a greater insight into all music. The theory is very logical and as in all subjects each element of music are linked. I teach in a step by step process.

I teach how scales are formed, notation, intervals, technical terms, chords and inversions, compositional rules, structure, cadences how to transpose, how to write for voices, Tenor and alto clefs, instrumentation and what every symbol on the written musical page represents.

A very common reason people want to learn Theory, is to take and pass their `ABRSM` ( the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music ) grade 5  Theory exam, which helps  primary school children and their parents  when  applying for their secondary school position, as passing the exam improves the chances of a child getting a place in their preffered school. Also if you have followed the path of the `ABRSM` Grades, to take the practical Grade 6 exam , you have to have passed your Grade 5 theory exam. I will help you by working through prevoius test papers, learning some formulas some templates and some plain simple terms.

When you understand the theory of music, you’ll be amazed to find that the principles and strucure are the same in all styles of music through the history of music.  Learning the theory of music is extremelyrewarding and enlightening and will enrich your understanding of  all music for the rest of your life.


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