Pop – Berkhamsted Piano Lessons

I can teach you how to play Pop Piano, from Ballads to Dance, R&B ,Rock, Country, and any other genre.

The formula for Pop music is based on the same foundations regardless of style. It starts with chords, which stem from scales, and then chord progressions, arpegiations, fill – ins and top lines.

I will teach you how the amazing ‘circle of fifth’s’ works and how to use it to write music with ease.

If you want to learn to play using sheet music of other artist’s music, or write your own, there are methods i can easily show you.

Pop music is the most common and listened to form of music we have today. It is constantly changing  it`s style , but the market is still the masses.

Technology these days is a huge part of Pop music from the Instruments used, to the recording programs , such as Cubase, Logic  and Pro-tools. However , despite the ease of creating music on our own Pc,s and Mac`s, the ability to actually play, write and understand what we are doing when creating music enables a far greater range of options and tools available to us when making compositional decisions. In other words, when we can play an instrument, especially the piano, we have a much wider range of options to choose from.

When we know our chords, how we can use our chords harmonically and rhythmically, we can write great pop songs very easily. Using formulas for chord progressions we can structure our songs , so that, for example we know how to make the end of a verse  lead naturally into powerful and catchy Chorus.

When you have learnt these tools you can create Pop music in all it`s varying genres instantly. It really is amazing when you know how, and i can show you how.


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