Composition – Berkhamsted Piano Lessons

Composition in essence is the art of using notes, and re-arranging them! In terms of the selection of particular notes and the length of notes we can makes choices and be creative.

All genres of music have the same foundations, the choice’s of pitch and note duration.

There are simply choices to be made once structure and forms are understood.

There are foundations we can use when composing, starting with scales, which are a select group of notes, a family of notes, which we can use to create melodic lines , harmonise those melodic lines with chords, and to use compositional devices such as the `circle of 5ths`, repetiton, imitation etc. a clear example of repetition can be heard especially in pop music where in a chorus, the melodic line is repeated several times before a melodic line is altered to indicate the ending of the chorus. there are simple and complex formulas to create, all of which work in all forms of music and have structures that can be learned and the rules , if so desired can be broken .

I can show you which choices are available to you when composing , using common and less common devices and musical rules.

When you know it…it’s easy!! Composition is something i love to teach, and for whatever your purpose, i can teach you how to write in any style effectively and quickly.


Please feel free to contact me to talk in detail. 07983 800 409