Classical – Berkhamsted Piano Lessons

I teach Classical Piano, from beginners to previous players, re-starters to advanced players.

Many people like to work their way through the ABRSM grades, from grade One to Grade Eight, Eight being the most advanced and highest.

Some of my students simply want to develop their reading skills for their own pleasure at their own pace.

Classical music in general terms has four styles, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary although there are many variables within each classification.

I myself  love all forms of Classical music, from Bach`s Brandenburg concerto’s in the Baroque Era, to the minimalist  Contemporary music of Phillip Glass, and greatly enjoy working through pieces with my students and seeing the satisfaction that comes with being able to play freely and fluently.

When starting the process of learning how to read musical notation, we have to work sequentially from initially locating the notes on the keyboard, then relating the notes we see on the page as to their relative place on the keyboard, then to differentiate the duration of the notes, by their appearance, as to wther they are black with stems or white with stems, simply circles and or with tails, all of which indicate a different lengths of note. also there are the many other symbols which are used to decrible the `dynamics`and articulation of the music, in other words, the speed or tempo of the music and the variation in volumes throughout.

The symbols on the page of a piece of music are instructions which then have to being translated into the physical action of actually playing, so there is real time multi tasking taking place.

Classical music has been with us for a long time, which is a good reference to the quality,depth of enjoyment, emotion and reward that there is in Classical music.


Please feel free to contact me to talk in more detail about your requirements and hopes. 07983 800 409